Keys Management

If you have any property then key management play's a very important role. If anybody want to purchase the property then so many question arises in their mind like if the he/she is not there then who will take care the property in their absence or even who would be my single point of contact for any transaction or who would manage my apartment or what if tenant/ unknown person possess my property illegally? so people can't invest due to inconvenience caused due to key management.

PPMS is the best solution regarding the property and house purchasing problems. If any person want to see and check the house ,then firstly we inform you and plan the visit, afterthat you need to intimate us,you can intimate by email, phone or a msg. The complet information will be planned and delivered to you with in 24 hours.You can also get photos and videos of your property via on-demand service. Photos and videos will be provided to you within 48 hours.